Meet Our Dedicated Leadership Team

Meet the people who help make The HT Group what it is today and what it will be in the future. Our dedicated leadership team inspired greatness, encourages innovation, and keeps the momentum moving forward.

David Dole Director of Operations

The latest native Texan to be added to our management roster, David Dole keeps operations at The HT Group running smoothly thanks to his unique combination of skills: an extensive background in learning and development, a degree in Marketing from the University of Texas, and to top it all off, a brief stint as a recruiter in the retail space. He enjoys working in a field that matches people to challenges, coming to The HT Group after several years at Snelling, where he completely overhauled the onboarding program. He has over 12 professional and industry certifications in leadership and management development, software systems and staffing, and, most importantly, can detail the decorum necessary when hosting the Saudi royal family.