Chris Bygum

Duane Bygum Executive Advisor - Business Continuity

Duane Bygum Jr. is located in the Austin area and has over 34 years of cross-functional experience in Law Enforcement, Security Operations, Human resources, Emergency Management, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Crisis Communications, Continuity of Operations, Risk Management and Information, Personnel and Industrial Security programs. He is able to successfully deliver results in a complex multi-functional organization. Duane was the Deputy Chief of Police for the United States Naval Service, Port Hueneme California. In this role, he provided strategic direction and operational capabilities in all areas of emergency management. In this role, he delivered valuable expertise working at the Emergency Operations Center during California’s Thomas and Woolsey fires.

Duane is the primary executive officer (Co-Chair) to manage the foundation’s vital Veteran’s Outreach Program supporting DRI’s education, training, and certifications for active-duty military and recently separated veterans desiring to become business continuity professionals. Prior to this Duane spent 30 years serving the United States through both Marine Corp and Air Force, and is now retired. He was the superintendent for Security Forces and was the Subject Matter Expert (SME) of the Biometric Identification Fingerprint System (BIFS) for the Pentagon SAF/AAZ office, and the National Guard Bureau. He strategically aligned 106 installations (enterprise-wide) by delivering valuable services through the Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service (EMASS) which fully integrates cybersecurity management.

He is currently an adjunct professor for National University’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

Duane finally joined the National Aeronautics Space Administrations Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA/JPL) Protective Services Division and later became a federal law enforcement officer.

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